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Sentieo FedSpeak Lexicon Sentieo Data Science 1/25/2019 Reading The Tea Leaves From Federal Reserve Statements When economists talk about inflation, they may describe themselves as “hawkish,” – in favor of policies which combat inflation – or “dovish,” that is, less concerned about inflation pressures in the economy. This nomenclature has migrated into the often jingoistic discussions around US Central Bank interest rate policy. In this world, “hawkish” refers to the

Single Stock Rolling Alpha

This post is an extension of the work of Jonathan Regenstein, author of the book “Reproducible Finance with R.”  If you don’t have a copy of this book, it is available here.   Additionally, Jonathan’s blog is up on RStudio’s website.  I highly recommend the book if you have any interest in investing using a tool kit beyond what is available with Excel and a legacy data terminal, and learning to