About Me


Github: https://github.com/jed-gore

Professional Summary

Hedge fund portfolio manager / analyst  turned Product leader and Python / R developer with a passion for data science in investing.


Development Technology

  • Author and maintainer of public PyPI library “Candas”, a Python data science library: https://pypi.org/project/canalyst-candas/
  • Python 6 years, R 3 years, SQL 8 years, PHP, PERL, VBA, C++.
  • Machine learning classifiers in Python, time series models in Python and R, feature engineering, API design.
  • Data visualization in Plotly Dash, R Shiny, Looker, Tableau.

Financial Analysis

  • CFA charter holder. 
  • Portfolio manager, analyst covering domestic Market Structure, Banking, Financial Technology, and Asset Management sectors. 


Vice President of Platform Product Development | Facteus | May 2022-Feb 2023

Team leader of platform development for a 12mm ARR fintech company.

  • Leader of a five person engineering team developing a micro services based quantitative investment platform.
  • Author and maintainer of Quantamodels, a data science module for OLS, models of KPI against credit card panel data.
  • Maintainer of Quantamatics, public PyPI data science library.
  • ETL pipelines, API development, and fundamental database development in SQL and Python, using Snowflake and Airflow. 

Product Manager, Python and Data Science Workflows | Canalyst | February 2021-May 2022

Team leader of customer applications development for a 14mm ARR fintech company.

  • Author and maintainer of “canalyst-candas”, a data science library in Python available on PyPI.
  • Excel-based installation of Python library facilitating analytics for fundamental equity analysts using VBA, Heroku, Dash.
  • Production implementation of data pipeline into AWS S3 bucket and EC2, JupyterHub implementation for clients.
  • Internal reporting including: multivariate analysis to predict customer downloads, model quality reporting.

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst  | Zoominfo | June 2020-January 2021

Team Leader, Data Science.  Business Intelligence applications development for Zoominfo Technologies (NASDAQ: ZI).

  • Machine Learning pipelines, BI applications development, liaison with stakeholders, Python / SQL / R coding. 
  • Customer churn prediction, Customer Credit Score, Likely to Pay, Propensity to Upsell.
  • Implemented Agile Data Science scrum process in partnership with Product Management.

Product Developer, Contract Work | Reckoning Machines | January 2020-June 2020

Sole proprietorship Reckoning Machines.

  • Customer support ticket tracking system for a pre-IPO technology company.
  • NLP/NER/search pipelines and machine learning classifiers a private equity firm managing large volumes of unstructured PDF data.
  • NLP/NER/search pipelines and text classifiers for a Wall Street technology startup.
  • Tableau interface for Wall Street data provider of fundamental data for hedge funds.

Senior Data Scientist | Sentieo | January 2017-January 2020

Senior Data Scientist and Product Manager for the startup investment research platform Sentieo.

  • Sentieo’s only US-based developer, production project implementations in both Python and R.
  • NLP: production supervised machine learning text classifiers in Python.
  • NLP: production rules-based document classification in R.
  • Prototype products in Python (Plotly Dash and Django), and R Shiny.  
  • Product Manager for both Data Science and Financial Table Data Extraction teams.
  • Evidence-based product research with hedge fund clients.

Managing Director | Alpenglow Capital | February 2015-October 2016

Senior analyst for a $250mm financial services focused fund.  

  • Industries under coverage: Financial Technology, Exchanges, Asset Management, Specialty Finance, Money Center/Trust Banks. 
  • Pair trading algorithms in Python using Quantopian.

Analyst | Millennium Partners | January 2013-April 2014

Senior analyst for a $250mm financial services focused fund.  

Portfolio Manager | Diamondback Capital Management | February 2007-December 2012

Portfolio manager for a $250mm publicly traded financial services focused fund.

Analyst | SuNOVA Capital | September 2001-February 2007

Partner and Senior analyst for a $1bn financial services focused fund.

Partner |  Whitehollow Partners | August 1999-September 2001

Partner in an $18mm financial services focused fund.

Analyst | JAM Partners | June 1997-August 1999

Analyst at a $25mm financial services focused fund.

Programmer | Montgomery Securities | 1995-1997

Developer in the Prime Brokerage department of a boutique investment bank building client report delivery systems using PERL, SQL, VBA, and C++.

Programmer | Chemical Bank | 1993 – 1995

Developer in the Private Client group of a commercial bank, building a cross sale referral tracking system using C++ and SQL.

Programmer | Johnson & Higgins | 1992 – 1993

Developer in the IT group of an insurance broker, building a sales tracking system using Lotus Notes.

Education | Awards

Bachelor of Arts, Political Economy, Mathematical Economics | 1992 | Princeton University

Patent Pending – Table Extraction software application number 17/837526

Chartered Financial Analyst | 2001