Using Daloopa API to pull SIVB balance sheet data.

Code base here:

I was curious whether it was easy to SEE what drove the issues at SIVB.

I noticed a huge ramp in the balance sheet in late 2021 thru mid-2022.

Turns out this was in PART the acquisition of Boston Private.

The deal closed 7/1/2021 so the actual reporting impact I believe would have been the quarter AFTER.

However, BPFH was only ~10bn in total assets vs ~200bn at SIVB.

Rather, it looks more like BPFH was just a part of a larger initiative to grow the balance sheet thru this period to mid-2022.

4 Year Chart of assets and liabilities:

or a close up view where you can see the short term borrowings and long term debt begin to creep into the liability structure:

Data source: Daloopa